About Me

RaeEllen Walker Designer

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.” ~Aristotle 

For over 15 years I have been dedicating my time to the theater and like most would say it has shaped not only myself but my ability to communicate with others.  Theater engulfs you and forces you to see beyond what’s in front of your immediate present.  Not only through the storytelling can this be done but also through the grand journey everyone takes getting to the final curtain.  It is our jobs as thespians to translate the text and the audience’s job to interpret the meaning.  My journey has taken me through the many faces of theater and in my eventual chosen path I have found a love for scenic design.

After graduating from Western Illinois University in 2014 with my MFA, I have continued my path of learning and discovering.  From my first official teaching experience at Truman State University to becoming a mother for the first time – life happening, reminds me daily of the beauty that consumes yet evades us at the same time.

Please enjoy my experiences as you navigate through my site.

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